Life Insurance

Why do I need
life insurance?

Life Insurance is a cash lump sum payable on death. A Life Cover policy comes with some important benefits at no additional cost. You can also add one or more optional benefits for which you will pay an additional premium. Every day you face a wide range of risks to your personal wellbeing and lifestyle. Life Insurance helps you minimise the financial impact of death or terminal illness.

Life Insurance is designed to provide security for a wide range of financial commitments by paying a lump sum on your death. This essential form of protection can be used for a variety of purposes, entirely as you wish.


  • Mortgage commitments
  • Personal debt, such as loans or credit cards
  • Security for business obligations
  • Provide a lump sum to fund your family’s future lifestyle in the event of your death
  • If you have debts which you would like paid on your death, or want to create a capital lump sum that your family can draw upon to meet their needs, then life assurance is an essential part of your financial planning.


Depending upon the Life Insurance Company you choose, the following included benefits may be available:

  • Bereavement Benefit of up to $15,000 as an immediate benefit.
  • Terminal Illness Benefit – if diagnosed as terminally ill and if you are likely to die within 12 months, you are able to apply for an early payment.
  • Future Insurability – you can increase your Life Cover without further medical evidence on the occurrence of certain events.
  • Inflation Indexed “inflation proof your cover by increasing it each year in line with inflation.
  • Financial Planning Benefit – if a benefit greater than $100,000 is paid a further benefit of up to $2,500 may be payable.

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Did you know?

1 in 4 New Zealand males will have a heart attack. Are you covered?

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