• Free money

    There’s more to KiwiSaver than meets the eye.

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  • Unders or overs

    Is your current insurance cover too much, or too little. We can help by finding that happy medium between your assets and needs.

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  • Reduce your ACC levies

    Self-employed? Did you know if you reduce your ACC Levies you can use any savings to cover yourself for Illness and Accident?

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Life can be complicated. So when it comes to making some personal financial protection decisions about life, disablement, or even retirement, wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your side to help.

Now we don’t profess to know all about you, but what we do know is you are after sound, simple advice that works. With objective, impartial advice, we can help you realise a good decision that is perfect for you.

We always put the time into doing the research, asking questions, listening, and evaluating to ensure our recommendations will always meet your expectations and needs. Making it easy for you to decide on the plan which suits you best.


If you need insurance or KiwiSaver,
we have you covered

  • ACC Levies Reduction

    Self-employed? Did you know
    if you reduce your ACC Levies
    you can use the savings to
    cover yourself for illness and

  • Income Protection

    If your ability to earn your
    normal income is impaired,
    an income protection plan will help
    maintain your lifestyle during
    treatment and recovery.

  • Life Insurance

    With a little planning you can
    help minimise the financial
    impact and provide security
    for those close to you.

  • Trauma Insurance Cover

    Don’t put your financial security
    at risk. A reduced working
    capacity could involve significant
    lifestyle changes and costs.

  • Mortgage Repayment Cover

    Should you be disabled as a
    result of sickness or injury, your
    mortgage repayments could
    be covered with a planned
    financial safety net.

  • Health Insurance

    Provides the option to fund
    access to a more immediate and
    broader range of services than
    are available to you through the
    public health system.

  • Total & Permanent
    Disability Cover (TPD)

    TPD Cover is there to help
    alleviate the significant
    financial impact that losing an
    income forever would likely

  • KiwiSaver

    The easy way to save and
    prepare for the future. Created
    to help prepare your retirement
    with a range of payment
    options to suit.


Serious about making
good decisions?

Talk to us, we
make it easy.


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1 in 7 New Zealander will suffer a stroke. Are you covered?

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